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Will you speak to anyone else about my account?

We will only discuss your agreement with you, unless there is a guarantor on your account.

If you do want us to speak to a third party, you must inform us of their details and give your consent. We will ask you to provide details such as your name and date of birth along with a password. Authorisation will then last the length of the agreement unless you tell us otherwise.

If there is a guarantor on your account, we’ll be able to talk to them and may disclose information about you and your payments and defaults on the agreement (if applicable), as well as and any information relevant to the enforcement of the guarantee. The guarantor will also have the opportunity to find out key financial information about your agreement before they enter into the guarantee. We’ll not share any sensitive information about you without your consent.

If you have any concerns about us sharing information with your guarantor, please contact us using the “General Enquiry” category of our online form.