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Please consult our COVID-19 information section by clicking on the 'More Information' link below. You’ll find information on financial difficulties, operating during restrictions and much more.

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What should I do if my contract is due to end?

If you are reaching the end of your contract and would like to extend your agreement, we may be able to offer you an extension of up to three months, without the need for a credit assessment or arrangement fee.

If you would like to extend your contract over a longer period of time to reduce the amounts you pay each month then you can ask us for a quote. Please remember that if you do extend the term of your agreement you will pay more interest because it is over a longer period.

Please also be aware that if you do not tell us that you want to extend the agreement or return the vehicle before the final payment is due then we will apply for the final payment (balloon payment). We therefore suggest that you contact us as soon as possible.

Please make a request via your MyFinance account, using the 'Extend your contract' option within 'Manage Agreement'.