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COVID-19 Information

Please consult our COVID-19 information section by clicking on the 'More Information' link below. This includes information on payment breaks, financial difficulties, MOTs and much more.

More information

What should I do if I have a life changing event?

If something has happened and it affects your ability to make decisions or keep up with your payments then please contact us on 0345 345 5449. If you need to contact us outside of opening hours, please do so using the “General Enquiry” category of our online form

This could be something short term or longer term like a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, illness, disability or anything else material in your life. Whatever your enquiry or concern, talk to us and we’ll listen.

If you’d rather that someone else talks to us on your behalf we can do so if we have appropriate consents from you. You can find out more about giving your consent for us to speak to someone else on your behalf here