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COVID-19 Information

Please consult our COVID-19 information section by clicking on the 'More Information' link below. This includes information on payment breaks, financial difficulties, MOTs and much more.

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Why do you require my vehicle registration number for parking?

We'll pass your vehicle registration number to the parking space owner to help them identify you when you arrive. Parking site enforcement will also receive you vehicle registration number to avoid a penalty charge notice being issued in error.

Your registration details are very important for our commercial parking sites that use an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. Once you've provided your vehicle registration number the system will recognise your vehicle to allow entry.

If you don't have your vehicle registration number to hand at the time of making your booking, simply enter 'TBC' and login to your account later to update your booking details. You can also send your vehicle registration number to or call us on 0208 629 1057.

If you don't provide us with your vehicle registration number, or the number provided is incorrect, we will not take liability for a penalty charge notice that may be issued as a result.