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Settling your agreement

If you have settled your agreement or part exchanged, and another instalment has been paid since the day the settlement was made, a refund may be due on your account. Please allow 14 working days for this to be processed from the date we have received the settlement payment. Your dealer will be able to confirm the date the payment was made if you have part exchanged.

Things to bear in mind:

  • You can monitor this on your MyFinance account in the Payment schedule
  • You’ll be able to see the settlement being received, the agreement being closed and any overpayment (additional instalment) in credit
  • From this point the refund process will start automatically once the direct debit has cleared – please allow 5 full working days for the direct debit to clear before the refund process starts.
  • From the time you see your account is no longer in credit, please monitor your bank account and you should see the funds being credited back to you – this is usually within approx. 4-7 working days from the date your refund is processed
  • Please refer to your settlement letter for clarification of the final instalment you will be required to pay under the terms of the settlement – this can be found on the second page of your settlement letter