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What are Contract Hire PLUS & Finance Lease PLUS?

At PSA Finance we understand that your vehicle being written-off could leave you out of pocket, whilst still having to pay outstanding rentals. With this in mind, you can add to your monthly Contract Hire and Finance Lease rental an affordable monthly service agreement, designed to protect you should the worst happen.

How do Contract Hire PLUS & Finance Lease PLUS work?

For just £8.90 + VAT per month, you can opt to include Contract Hire PLUS or Finance Lease PLUS within your agreement, alleviating the worry of settling your finance should you experience a total loss write off; it may also make finding a replacement vehicle much more achievable. The service allows you to waive outstanding rentals on your agreement in the event that your motor insurance claim does not cover the total outstanding amount due. The service is available on all cars and vans hired on contracts up to 60 months; if you’d like to include this service on your Contract Hire or Finance Lease agreement, please contact your local retailer. 

Key features & benefits

  • An affordable monthly service costing just £8.90 + VAT per month
  • Available on all Finance Lease and Contract Hire contracts
  • Available for both new and used vehicles
  • Financial protection ensuring that you are not left out of pocket
  • Eligible on hire periods up to 60 months 
  • Able to waive up to £7,500 in monthly rentals 

Key exclusions 

  • Vehicles used for daily or weekly rental purposes
  • Vehicles used for hire or reward
  • Body shop vehicles
  • Motor retailer demo vehicles
  • Where any motor insurance claim relating to vehicle write off has been declined