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What is Mobility Pass?

Mobility Pass is an optional service for Peugeot and Citroën customers financing their electric vehicle through Personal Contract Hire.

Putting your mind at ease

With Mobility Pass, you can temporarily hire a larger vehicle with more space to supplement your electric vehicle or inner-city run-around. It can help put your mind at ease when leaving home for longer journeys, going on holiday, or when visiting family and friends in the countryside.

How Mobility Pass Works

At a cost of just £18 (Incl. VAT) per month, the Mobility Pass accompanies your Personal Contract Hire package.

The monthly payment of £18 is credited to your 'Mobility Pass Wallet' (accessed through your vehicle's app, e.g. MyPeugeot or MyCitroën).

A bonus of £6 (incl. VAT) per month of the contract is also applied to the Wallet.

The Bonus is front-loaded to your Mobility Pass Wallet, providing an instantly usable fund. For example, on a 36 month contract, £216 (£6 x 36) will be added to your Mobility Pass Wallet.

Rental vehicles are sourced through Free2Move Rent, with PSA Finance rental vehicles benefiting from a 20% discount. Additional vehicles are available from 3rd party rental providers (Hertz, Avis, etc.) if PSA Finance vehicles are unavailable.

What are the benefits of Mobility Pass?

Contributions from your vehicle manufacturer and PSA Finance, plus the 20% discount to all rentals from PSA Finance dealers through Free2Move Rent, mean Mobility Pass gives you that little extra spending power.

  Without Mobility Pass With Mobility Pass
Customer Contribution Towards Rental £18 per month (cash equivalent*) £18 per month
PSA Finance Contribution £0 £6 per month
Total funds (12 months) £216 £288
Rental Discount with Free2Move Rent 0% 20%
Spending Power (12 months) £216 circa £360

*This assumes that you will be putting aside £18 per month towards vehicle rental and is for illustrative purposes only.

How many days vehicle rental will this extra spending power buy?

  Without Mobility Pass With Mobility Pass

Small Vehicle
£25 to £35 per day

5 to 7 days per year

8 to 12 days per year

Medium Vehicle
£39 to £45 per day

4 to 5 days per year

6 to 7 days per year

Large Vehicle
£49 to £65 per day

2 to 4 days per year

4 to 6 days per year

*The vehicle rental price per day mentioned above is for illustrative purposes only. Vehicle rental pricing may vary depending upon availability, location and length of booking.

How to activate your Mobility Pass

Upon funding your Personal Contract Hire with Mobility Pass, you will receive a Welcome Email.

The email will invite you to download your vehicle's App, available for free on the Google Play or App Store.

24 hours after activation, you can view your Mobility Pass Wallet, including your balance in points. 1 point = £1 in your Mobility Pass Wallet.

How to use your Mobility Pass balance

Open your vehicle's App

Simply open the App, go to the ‘Rent a Car’ section and follow the instructions from there.
You will then be directed to the Free2Move website, where you must register your account with the same email address.

Pick your dates, location and vehicle

Specify the rent from and to dates and pickup location to be shown the vehicles available for rental. All available vehicles are shown, with Peugeot vehicles at the top of the list.

Pay with your points

Select your chosen vehicle and pay using the points from your Mobility Pass Wallet. It’s that easy!
If you have insufficient points in your Mobility Pass Wallet, you can also pay the difference by card.

Benefit from an exclusive discount

Even if you’ve already used all of their points, you can still benefit from the discounted rental prices through Free2Move Rent, and pay by card.

Enjoy an Electric vehicle, without range anxiety

Mobility Pass is ideal if you are considering the move to Electric, but are worried about EV vehicle range and charging capabilities.

Our Mobility Pass gives you the freedom to choose an Electric vehicle as your main car, and temporarily hire an ICE vehicle as and when you need it. That means there’s no need to keep or purchase an ICE vehicle for occasional long journeys if you want to save costs.

If you’re looking to take the leap to Electric, we’re here to help. Our Personal Contract Hire with Mobility Pass makes it easy to enjoy an electric car or hybrid vehicle, safe in the knowledge you can hire an ICE vehicle as and when you need to; all while saving you money.

Learn more about our Personal Contract Hire option or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your options.