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COVID-19 Information

Please consult our COVID-19 information section by clicking on the 'More Information' link below. This includes information on payment breaks, financial difficulties, MOTs and much more.

More information

As a dealer for PSA Finance, this is your one stop shop for all the tools you need to manage your reporting, KPI's, statements, as well as receiving access to finance proposals and renewals. You can even keep up to date on our incentive schemes via Dealer Principle and Edge.


From 12th August the process of supplying early settlement information over the phone is changing, firstly to improve security and also importantly it is designed to be easier and quicker for you and our customers.
If your customer has asked you for an Early Settlement or you require information, you can now access the information immediately in Encore. Alternatively, the customer can obtain their own copy of a quote via their MyFinance account. These can generally be provided within 15 minutes of the request made. If the request has been made outside of our normal opening hours, the quote will be calculated and available online the following day.

For Contract Hire/Finance Lease settlement, again requests should be made via MyFinance. Do note, however, as these are not strictly Early Settlements (these are Termination Requests), these can take up to 48 working hours to be produced.